4 Crossfit Weight Shifting Exercises for Knees & Shoulder

Crossfit home gym primarily emphasizes on two important skills – balance and coordination while designing workouts for individuals.  By improving your body balance, you will not only enhance your performance, but also decrease risk of injury. There are many Crossfit exercises you can perform that work on knee stability or shoulder stability to improve your ability to control weight shifting.

Single Leg Reach

The Crossfit single leg reach exercise targets muscles around your knee joint. To practice single leg reach, stand on your right foot with a slight bend in your right knee. Lift up your left foot off the floor and extend the leg as far forward as your can. Touch the floor with the toes of your left foot and reach your left foot, again touch the floor with your left foot. Keep touching in front of and behind you while maintain balance on your right leg.

Side Hops

This Crossfit exercise also works the muscles around your knee joint. Stand on your right leg with a slight bend in your right knee. Jump two feet to your left and land on your right leg with a slight bend in your left knee. Hold the position until you create a balance on your left leg, then jump back onto your right leg. Land with a slight bend in your right knee and come to balance.

Bridged Hand Raise

The bridge hand raise improves your ability to stabilize at your shoulder. To perform, get into pushup stance with arms fully extended and hands flat on the ground. Extend your leg back with both feet together. Lift your right hand off the ground and extend it out in front of you. Repeat the exercise by alternating the lifts of your hand. Practice 10 lifts for each hand.

Pushup Walk

The crossfit lateral pushup walk exercise strengthens your shoulder muscles. Get into pushup position with your hands on the floor with arms full extended. Your feet should be flat on the ground with your legs extended. Lift your left hand off the ground and move it to the left one to about two feet. Place the leg back on the ground and then move your right hand over one to two feet. Now walk your hands to the six times. Repeat walking your hands to the left and right for a total of one hour.

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3 Best Crossfit Kettlebell Exercises to Shape up Your Legs & Bums

Every woman wishes to have curvy, lean and toned body. There are specific Crossfit exercises that you can practice at home in order overcome wobbly legs. In this blog, we are sharing some effective Crossfit kettlebell exercises through which you can spruce up your legs and bums in about 4 weeks.

The following exercises are some of the best front thigh exercises for women. To get the best result, include the given below exercises in your daily workouts-

Kettlebell 2 Arms Swings

The Crossfit kettlebell 2 arms swing is the very basic exercise that targets inner thigh, bums and the backs of your legs.

- To practice this Crossfit exercise, stand straight with the hip-width apart and hold a kettlebell with both hands.

- Start with some warm-up swings to get a feel for the movement and weight. Stand in squat position and take the kettlebell between your legs. Be sure your arms should touch your inner thighs.

- Keep the torso upright and abs braced. Shift your weight backward at the bottom of the movement and thrust up through the hips to bring the weight up to about a hip level.

- After few swings, continue swinging the weight up higher until you get to shoulder level, squatting down and powering through the hips each time you swing the weight up.

- Use your hips and legs to move the weight instead of your arms.

Do 15 reps with 20 seconds rest.

Kettlebell Front Squat

This Crossfit exercise mainly targets the front of your thigh. It’s a wonderful exercise that strengthens and tones your leg muscles.

- To perform kettlebell front squat, stand with your feet shoulder-feet apart.

- Keep your toes slightly outward. Balance your body weight equally between both feet and hold the kettlebell with a wide hand grip.

- Sit back with the kettlebell in front of you and inhale when you are squatting down slowly.

- Exhale as you stand back up and push through your hips.

Practice 3 sets with 45 seconds rest.

Kettlebell Renegade Lunges

Crossfit kettlebell renegade lunges exercise targets the inner and outer thigh. Follow the given below steps to perform this Crossfit exercise-

- Hold the kettlebell with a wide hand grip and feet together.

- Step out to one side, do a mini squat and then bring the other leg to meet the other. Push off and go over to the other side.

- Keep changing from side to the next. Make it certain that your stomach and bums are tight and your head is up across the Crossfit workout.

Do 10 reps with 45 seconds rest.

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Top Crossfit Exercises to Build up Lean Muscles

Do you want a Crossfit exercise plan to build up some lean muscle? If so, you need to learn some important exercise to incorporate with your Crossfit workout to get effective outcomes.

You need to consistently overload the muscles with a stimulus that your body is not used to dealing with. Initially, you may experience small muscle tears in the tissue, but soon your body will adapt it to increase muscle size and density. Combine the Crossfit workout with the right diet plan; you can get the results you’re looking for.

Let’s take a quick look at the prominent Crossfit training exercises to build up lean muscles-

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are some of the must-do Crossfit exercises. This Crossfit exercise is excellent for working the core muscles, the shoulders, the squads and hamstrings. It is perfect for you if you want to develop a high degree of power and explosive force. Start your workout with kettlebell swings to gain optimal results.

One-Arm Kettlebell Clean

Next exercise to include in the Crossfit workout is the one-arm kettlebell clean. It is an ideal exercise because it works on the quads, hamstrings, the muscles running along the spinal column along with the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Perform an equal number of reps on both sides to ensure muscular balance.

Renegade Row

Crossfit training programs target the core and the back muscles to help you get the complete fitness. Add Renegade row to your workout since you’ll have to sustain a high amount of balance as you practice with the single arm at a time. Make it certain that you perform the Crossfit exercise on both sides and achieve great muscle building results.

Kettlebell Squat to Press

The last exercise to build up lean muscles is the kettlebell squat to press. This Crossfit exercise works on the glutes, hamstrings, quads and shoulders. Kettlebell squat to press is more intense in nature, and you need to add it to your Crossfit workout towards the start for expected results.

Perform the exercises at Crossfit home gym in an adequate way to avoid any injury and product desired results. It is advised to learn the exercises first from a certified trainer and then, incorporate them to into your workout.

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3 Best Crossfit Workouts for You

An effective Crossfit workout program depends on ample factors. Your chosen workout must be congruent with your goals, time and lifestyle. Most of the fitness-enthusiasts go to the gym without knowing what to do and fail to get expected results, it’s frustrating. If you need guidance before getting your exercises on, check out the given below 3 Crossfit workouts:

The Circuit Training

Crossfit’s circuit training is metabolic and incorporates a balanced amount of strength and body building exercise. It fairly means that it is great for anyone want to increase strength and endurance. Whether you’re performing simple Crossfit exercises or advanced lifts, you ought to rotate through 4 to 8 multi-joint under proper circuit training without taking break between sets. Include Crossfit exercise that combines both lower and upper-body muscles in this Crossfit workout.

You have to perform at least 3 Crossfit workouts a week at 45 to 60 minutes as a part of circuit training. It is recommended to use free weights to encourage quick transitions between weights and exercises. A weekly circuit training schedule of Crossfit home gym is as follows:

Day 1: Circuit training

Day 2: Cardio

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Circuit training

Day 5: Cardio

Day 6: Circuit training

Day 7: Rest

The Athlete Training

Crossfit workouts have become immensely popular over the past few decades. Crossfit exercises involve many advanced Olympic style lifts for a full-on workout grinder. Crossfit’s athlete training does not consume much time- some workouts hardly take 15 minutes to complete.

The Athlete training program of Crossfit gym includes polymeric, running, and explosive-type movements to help athletes wanting to build explosive fitness. This Crossfit workout is great for you if you want to gain high level of physical fitness.

One unique thing with this Crossfit training program is it does not have any limit for set ranges- You can do as many sets as possible within the defined amount of time.

The weeklong schedule for athlete training is as given below:

Day 1: workout 1

Day 2: Cardio/Weight lifting

Day 3: Rest/cardio

Day 4: Workout 2

Day 5: Cardio/Weight lifting

Day 6: Workout 3

Day 7: Rest

The Body Builder program

The body building program of the Crossfit home gym is what you can commonly find in any fitness magazine, and it is absolutely perfect with people looking forward to competing in body building. Even though it is best for those who have lifting experience and want to focus on shaping and building each muscle group now.

Spend about 60 to 90 minutes in the gym each session, 4 to 5 days a week. For cardio, either do Crossfit cardio exercise separately or immediately after your weight training is the best strategy.

To cut down fat:

3-5 sets of 15-20 reps for each exercise with 30-45 seconds of rest between sets.

To strengthen lean muscles:

4-6 sets of 3-8 reps for each exercise with 60-240 seconds of rest between sets.

To increase muscle size and hypertrophy:

3-4 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise with 45-120 seconds of rest between sets.

Day 4: Cardio

Day 5: Cardio

There are different types and styles of Crossfit training programs available, and you need to choose one that matches your fitness goals.

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4 Kettlebell Exercises to Give Your Abs an Athletic Look

Crossfit workouts combine both strength training and aerobic conditioning. The certified trainers of crossfit home gym create a new workout each day and all participants perform the same exercises, but intensity varies for individual. Kettlebell is essential crossfit equipment, and you can perform a wide variety of exercises with the equipment.

Some of the effective crossfit kettlebell exercises for abs are as given below:

Kettlebell Swing

This wonderful crossfit exercise use kettlebell for resistance. In this particular exercise, the abdominal muscles work to stabilize your chest while swinging the kettlebell. Be sure your swinging motions are controlled and firm. To perform crossfit kettlebell exercise for abs, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and keep feet parallel to each other.  Hinge forward at the hips and bend the knees slightly. Now, swing the kettlebell between your legs and up to the chest height. Keep your arms stable and straight.

Turkish Get-Up Lunge Style

The Turkish get-up lunge style is great at strengthening the abs, legs, arms and shoulders. All major parts of your body are involved in this crossfit exercise. The other forms of Turkish get-up lunge style are a lunge and squat standing position. While performing the exercise, always keep your lower back in a neutral position, do not arch or flatten the back.

To perform the Turkish get-up lunge style, face up and hold the kettlebell in your right hand with the arm pointing straight at the ceiling. The arm never changes position during the workout. Now, roll slightly toward your left side and push yourself up off the floor with the right foot forward. Stand up in a lunge position and reverse the entire motion.

Turkish Get-up Squat Style

This squat style variation of the Turkish get-up pushes abs hard to maintain the same neutral back position. Keep your legs in squat position as you stand up instead of a lunge. This style of Turkish get-up works on the abs differently as you keep your balance in a squat with the feet parallel is entirely different from the lunge in which you keep one foot forward and one back. To perform Turkish get-up squat style, stand up and position your feet shoulder-width apart, pointing straight ahead. Reverse the motion lie back on the floor and work both sides.

Kettlebell Snatch

It is an advanced crossfit abs exercise that beings with a single-arm swing and then gradually adds another motion. To do right side kettlebell snatch, stand in a squat with your right arm straight and hold the kettlebell between your legs. Now, swing the right arm forward with a slight bend in the elbow and up straight above the right shoulder, pointing at the ceiling. Swing the arm back down with control. The kettlebell rolls on and off the forearm as forearms goes up and down with the kettlebell at the top of the swing. Drive your hips forward to bring the kettlebell up and abs support the spine. Work both sides.

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4 Basic Equipments you will need to build your Crossfit Home Gym

If you want to perform crossfit workouts according to your convenience, you should build your own crossfit home gym. With a crossfit home gym, there are very fewer chances of skipping workout sessions.Fortunately, crossfit equipments will not cost you a fortune as they are cheaper than the other brands available on the market.

Turning up your garage into a crossfit gym is a better and popular option as this will give you enough space and allow you to place more crossfit equipments. Let’s take a quick look at the 4 top crossfit equipments that you will require to build your own crossfit home gym.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic is one of the basic equipments that used for upper-body exercises. Gymnastic rings target every muscle fiber of your upper body and improve your core strength. By performing gymnastic ring exercises, you will sustain a terrific core stability and support and get flat abs in a very short span of time.


The next important thing to bring to your crossfit home gym is a pair of kettlebells. You can buy two of the exact same weight, or purchase multiple sets of varying weights depending upon the crossfit workouts you wish to perform. If you’ve a good budget, invest in Russian kettlebells as they belong to higher quality and more durable.

A Jump Rope

A jump rope is used to perform cardiovascular exercises. Jump ropes are inexpensive and can burn stubborn calories at a fast pace. Just be sure that you keep your joints protected while using the jumping ropes in your crossfit home gym.

Barbell & Bumper Plates

The last essential crossfit equipment to get in your crossfit home gym is barbell and a pair of bumper plates.  You can effectively hoist heavy weights by using a barbell and bumper plates when doing deadlifts, bent-over rows or any other movements. Barbells & bumper plates can be used in many other crossfit exercises; therefore, you will get complete value for money.

So, as you transform your garage into a crossfit home gym, get the aforesaid 4 crossfit equipments to perform create various workouts.  If still you have money left to invest, buy some resistance bands, weight benches, push-up bars, exercise balls and a workout bench.

All of the above-mentioned crossfit equipments help you build a wonderful workout program that makes you achieve your fitness goal fast.

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Why It Makes Sense to Use Crossfit as your Home Gym System

The very first and most important ingredient in any successful fitness regimen is personal dedication. Someone with discipline and a true desire to see results will get into shape even if all they have to work out with is couple of old paint cans. That being said, some techniques are more efficient than others. One of the very best is the Crossfit system. Why is it the best? Because it puts practical and time-tested techniques into a flexible format. This is not a fly-by-night mail order machine or a gym membership that you never use, this is a system that works exactly as hard as you do.
Crossfit Home Gym
All the proof you need can easily be seen at the Crossfit website. There you’ll see testimonials from Special Ops soldiers, martial arts masters, body builders, and regular folk who just wanted to get in shape. The system is effective for all kinds of people because it lets you achieve your own training intensity and build on that over time. There is nothing new here, just a format that works.

While Crossfit is available in professional gyms around the country, many people achieve great success by building a Crossfit home gym. For a very small initial investment, this is a great way to maximize your workout time by eliminating a commute to the gym. You can also work out according to your own schedule and no one else’s.

The initial equipment required for the Crossfit home gym is simply a set of Olympic weights and a place to do pull-ups and dips. That’s all you need to get started transforming your body into a healthier, more efficient machine. The system strongly recommends that new trainees start with a light version of the routine, reducing workout durations and rep amounts at first. This is the best way to avoid undue strain and to prepare your body for the taxing workouts to come. Even despite a gradual start, participants will notice dramatic results within a few weeks.

As they become more comfortable with the equipment and routine, most people find that a daily workout becomes as important and indispensable as that first cup of coffee. The pure discipline that is required at first is soon replaced by a natural enjoyment as you feel your body becoming stronger and healthier. Obviously discipline will still be an important factor, but it’s nice to know that it gets easier.

The Crossfit home gym system is cumulative, so that users will naturally progress from weights to other equipment including rings, a rowing machine, a medicine ball, and much more. Again, none of these devices are complicated. The system is effective because it utilizes simple and time tested methods combined with a flexible but highly effective regimen. Participants will develop at their own pace and find their own rhythm. That’s the beauty of Crossfit.

Besides the combined experience of generations of fitness experts, Crossfit offers everything else you need to achieve success. Informative articles, nutrition information, interviews with experts, and much more are all available at the website. Among the hundreds of gimicky workout systems that crop up all the time, only Crossfit maintains its place at the head of the pack. Simplicity and flexibility make Crossfit the preferred system for military trainers, fighters, and average people all around the world.

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Tallying the Cost of a Crossfit Home Gym

Crossfit training is one of the newest trends in high-intensity workouts, with the specific combination of power-based cardio and Olympic weightlifting designed to burn away calories while improving and increasing overall muscle growth. While acquiring all of the equipment for a true Crossfit home gym can be expensive, beginning with a few of the basic equipment pieces can get you started on the real Crossfit experience. The best news is that not all of these pieces need to be costly, as the use of substitutes can be every bit as effective while still being more affordable.

A Crossfit home gym can begin with something as simple as a jumprope. In fact, a jumprope is the key to the intensive cardio workout inherent with Crossfit training, both because it can get the blood flowing before the real workout begins, and it can be used for the challenging double-under jump that really steps up cardio training. The double-under, by the way, is the performance of two rotations of the rope for a single jump. Jumpropes are also pretty inexpensive, and quality ropes can be found at nearly every sports store.

The purchase Olympic weightlifting equipment is typically where the Crossfit home gym tends to get expensive, as although the strength training provided through moves such as deadlifts, pushpresses, and squats is impressive, the barbell set alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Rather than settling for the wrong equipment, however, searching for used Olympic weight sets may be a better alternative to saving money. Just be sure to read the reviews on the equipment before buying, as while poor quality Olympic weight sets may cost less, they can be dangerous to use.

Kettlebell sets are another key part of a Crossfit home gym, as the lifting and swinging of these weights combine amazing cardio exercises with a fantastic workout for both the legs and the upper body. Cost is an issue with these pieces as well, however, as while small kettlebells may be as little as $20 a piece, larger kettlebell weights may cost as much as $100 each. A less expensive option is the use of simple dumbbells, as they can often provide the same type of training for a considerably lower cost. The training my not be as intensive with dumbbells, but they can work well for those just beginning to organize their home gym. Adjustable kettlebells are another option that can save money in the long run, as while these may initially be more expensive than standard kettlebells, the ability to adjust the weight can eliminate the need to purchase larger weights in the future.

A medicine ball is the last piece needed for a basic Crossfit home gym, with 20-lb medicine balls recommended for the optimal workout when tossing or squatting. The price of these balls can range from $20-$120, but they are the one piece of equipment where skimping on cost should not be done. The amount of handling medicine balls will endure during Crossfit training means that quality is important, and it is likely that paying a low cost now will require paying more for replacements later.

A Crossfit home gym is ideal for intensive workout training through a combination of cardio and weightlifting, although the equipment needed for the gym can be costly. Purchasing used equipment can be a cost-effective solution as long as the quality is there, although options such as adjustable weight pieces or suitable substitutes can also lower the cost. The best part about beginning a basic Crossfit home gym is that it can grow as workout needs change, with the four initial pieces being equally effective at any level of training.

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Get the Best Workout with a CrossFit Home Gym

For many people, finding the ideal gym or workout facility is almost impossible. Of course, they want a facility that is conveniently located, but it also needs to have the right type of equipment and training space needed for a quality workout. This is especially important for anyone who is interested in finding a gym that is geared towards strength and conditioning rather than simply bodybuilding. Fortunately, a CrossFit Home Gym offers everything you could want in an affordable garage gym.

While it may take you some time to gather and assemble the things you want for your CrossFit Home Gym, it is a process that you can build on according to your needs and budget. A good way to get started is to begin by drawing a to-scale diagram of your garage area. This diagram will be very helpful as you design your own quality CrossFit Home Gym; you can use it to determine where to put certain pieces of equipment as well as determine how much matting you will need for the floor.

As you develop the perfect CrossFit Home Gym to meet your specific needs, you will acquire the necessary equipment and accessories for a well-rounded and complete workout. Every piece of equipment you need is available for use in your home gym and you will be able to acquire these items at a very reasonable and affordable price. In fact, when you compare the cost of putting together your own well-appointed gym, the costs are minimal compared to what you would typically pay for a gym membership; however, in addition to having the necessary equipment, you will also have the advantages of being able to engage in the type of workout exercises that may not be available, or welcome, at your neighborhood gym.

Turning your garage into a great CrossFit Home Gym may seem out of the question, until you begin to rethink your plans. While many people may at first think that they must use their garage as a place to park their vehicles, this is often not absolutely necessary. Perhaps you can leave your car in the driveway or at the curb and make the room you need for your home gym. Of course, taking over your garage for a CrossFit Home Gym may mean some sacrifices and compromises, but it will certainly be worth any inconvenience when you realize the benefits of putting together your own home gym.

Many athletes and individuals who are serious about their strength and training programs have found that a CrossFit Home Gym offers them everything they need in a workout facility without any of the drawbacks found at most commercial establishments. When you can design your own gym and have it conveniently located in your own garage, you can have the ideal workout environment and equipment needed to help you reach your own fitness goals. Additionally, you will never have to wait for equipment or worry about transportation and availability of gym hours. Your own home gym is always available for the best workout possible.

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